Alzheimer’s: The Shocking Truth About The Search for A Cure

Wall Street Math Behind Pfizer’s Decision and A Bold Initiative To Ensure A Cure In Time

In laboratory experiments Alzheimer's can be prevented and even reversed

What about charitable organizations and government funding?

What about taxpayer-funded research?

A bold solution to end Alzheimer’s

Science relies on trial & error to make progress — with each clinical trial funded, we come one step closer to a cure!

Public Benefit Corporation model vs nonprofit

Why spare change investment?

  • We have built a demo of our investment platform and are about six months away from launching a full working model.
  • We completed SEC registration and InvestAcure now an official Registered Investment Adviser (RIA)!
  • Most importantly, we assembled an incredible team, which includes some of the world’s leading Alzheimer’s scientists, who believe that this solution offers the best chance for a future when Alzheimer’s will be cured.
  • We need as many people as possible to sign-up to download the app when it is launched, this saves precious time once the app becomes available and let’s our investors, who are helping us develop the platform, know that there is strong base of people who care! Go to to sign up today!
  • We need volunteers to spread the word to their local community, answer questions and galvanize support. We simply can’t do this alone. If you are a natural leader and want to help build the InvestAcure community, email us at Please put the word Volunteer in the subject of your email.
  • Finally, if you have the financial means to become a Seed investor and partner in building the InvestAcure platform faster, so that more lives can be saved, please email me at and we can schedule a time to speak.



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Max Tokarsky

I’m a lifelong social entrepreneur, former non-profit executive, turned Impact Investment — Public Benefit Corporation model evangelist